Deadrinds 0.1 Patch

Hello everyone!

First of all I'd like to thank everybody for playing the demo and supporting the game! Since the last few days, a bunch of people have contacted me to report bugs and give suggestions. So here's what the patch fixed in the demo:

  • Fixed some of the creep camps causing the game to soft lock, making it unplayable
  • Fixed some saving issues on a few maps
  • The story dialogue and cutscenes contain less swearing

I've also added some new features:

  • You can now use healing items outside of combat
  • Tutorial level explains a bit more about the core game mechanics
  • The UI selection in battle now has a glowing red border instead of an overlay, which makes selection more apparent

As always keep in mind that the game is a work in progress. If you stumble on some newly found bugs, please report the on the official website: ( using the Feedback form.

Once again, thank you all for the support!


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24 days ago

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